2020-12-12 Bad Weather Exercise

Exercise, Exercise, Exercise!

OEM Comm conducted an on-air exercise on Saturday, December 12th from 0700hrs to 1330hrs. It was very successful and we appreciate all the amateur radio operators who reported in. 

Thank you all for a very successful exercise!  You can download the final After Action Report (AAR) HERE word_small  – Jim K7ADW

As you all know, we have not been able to participate in any activities, events, or face to face meetings due to the COVID19 pandemic.

In an attempt to boost morale and maybe have some fun, we are planning an on-air exercise for December 12th, 2020.

The plan is for the exercise to involve the Home Stations Team, the Base (radio room) Team, the Hospital Team and anyone interested in joining in on the fun.

The exercise scenario, a storm, will begin at 0700 hrs on the 12th (on the 0700 VHF early check in net on 146.880, negative offset, PL 110.9) with things being fairly normal. It will progress in intensity as time advances throughout the day and will conclude with things returning to a somewhat normal state at the end of the 1300hr VHF net.

Everyone is invited to participate and NO, you don’t have to participate for the entire time. You can jump in and out as your time allows. It’s all up to the individual. We want it to be fun.

The entire exercise will be conducted on the radio with many opportunities to jump in and join the fun. We will be using more than one mode. Some HF voice, Some VHF voice, some repeater, some simplex and some FLdigi.

Being COVID safe, no one will be asked to leave their houses with the exception of Mike Boger who will be manning the radio room. It is approved that he and he alone will be at the radio room.  Unless you are Mr. Boger, DO NOT DEPLOY.  You will participate from your residence, simulating any activations or deployments.

We look forward to your participation in the exercise.

Briefing Documentation

ICS 201 2020-12-12 Weather Ex Briefing pdf-icon

ICS 205 2020-12-12 Weather Ex Comm Plan pdf-icon

ICS 213 Communications Flowchart pdf-icon

Blank forms

ICS 213 General Message word_small

EXERCISE CSR 213 word_small

CSR 213 Example word_small

ICS 214 Activity Log word_small

ICS 309 Communications Log (Horizontal Format) word_small

Blank After Action Report – 2020 Weather Exercise word_small