Requirements to become a member of OEM Comm:

A. Submit proof of completion of FEMA Independent Study Courses IS-100.b, -200.b, -700.a, and -800.b
B. Submit an official membership application
C. Affiliate with at least one OEM Comm Unit or non-Unit functional area (website administration, outreach, administrative support, operational/technical guidance, etc.)

Requirements to remain a member in good standing:

A. Participate in at least one event or exercise per year  OR  Serve as a Net Control Station (NCS) at least once per year  OR  Check in to a VHF and/or HF net at least twice per year
B. Attend at least two meetings per year
C. Complete the requirements for Pima County Driver Authorization (if you anticipate operating an OEM vehicle or driving your own on OEM Comm business)

E-mail distribution lists – you must be designated as an owner of a list to be able to use a list; owners are usually Unit leaders and deputies

NOTE: be advised that anyone receiving e-mail as a member of a list will be unable to “reply all” unless he/she is an owner of that list  –   all members of OEM Comm  –  all members of the Base Communications Unit  –  all members of the Documentation Unit  –  all members of the Home Stations Unit  –  all members of the Hospitals Unit  –  all members of the Mobile Communications Unit  –  all participants in the weekly VHF net