Communications exercise on Saturday, January 13 2018

What, When, Where:

We will be holding a short “mini” communications exercise on Saturday, January 13 2018.  This exercise will operate along side the “Southern Arizona Emergency Communications HF Net” on 3.865 MHz LSB and 146.880 (minus offset, 110.9 Hz tone). The exercise will begin at 0700 (MST) on 146.880 and 0715 (MST) on 3.865 MHz. The exercise/training will last from approx. 0700 -0830. This exercise will be VOICE ONLY and we will be taking Community Status Reports and/or Weather Reports. These reports will be collected on modified ICS 213 forms. (See below)

What we hope to accomplish:

Base Team:

  • Assess the operation and condition of the radio systems in the Pima County EOC Radio room
  • Exercise our logging skills
  • Train on operation of the Kenwood TS-2000.

For this exercise I will be the control operator in the radio room. This will be a good oportunity for some of the technician class operators to get some microphone time and perhaps think about earning a General class license.

Home Stations:

  • Practice sending traffic upstream and maintaining net dicipline

Resources Needed:

I will need 4-6 operators in teams of 2-3. One team will interact and log on the VHF frequency; the other to log on the HF frequency. We will be operating under callsign “N7OEM”. If you are interested in participating, please drop me a line. Please bring headphones.


I am aware that this does conflict with the Thunderbird Hamfest in the Phoenix area. This will no doubt cause scheduling issues with some.



  • Please use this modified ICS 213s: ics213 CSR pdf-icon
  • You may simulate a disaster if you’d like.
  • Please use phonetics for clarity.
  • An example might sound like: “Line 1 figures 8 5 7 3 0”, “Line 2 YANKEE”, “Line 3 PAPA”… etc.

WX Report:

  • Please use this modified ICS 213s: ics213 WX pdf-icon
  • Indicate closest Airport or Military Base


Please let Mike Boger know if you have any questions.